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"creations is the keep to life

On my way to the play dirty 5k

My old college buddy I escape Katrina with Ron. And I r see David gray to night. He had an extra ticket.

Share and let the whole world know that we all live together

Sorry meant yo post this sooner been busy.

The Number one song not to listen to in the car!

(Source: Spotify)

Yes I am applying for jobs and listeng to a 90’s mix ablum.

(Source: Spotify)


My Mom made a post it. Lord love a duck

Meet Oliver. Who just learned how to poo

Brazil got crashed my Germany. #Worldcup #Germany #brazil

Ale e n’s it’s Saturday yeah.

Aliens more to come!

I look to the sky and wonder will it rain.

Kats creatures of the night on my car

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